Auto Sportiva NeraHaving bought a luxury car, your major concern is for it to retain its value. After all, you have invested a great deal of money and any kind of damage to your investment shouldn’t decrease its resale value. Whether it is damage caused by hail or careless pedestrians and motorists, you want to minimize the time and cost involved in repairing such damage.
One of the main differences between a luxury car or restored classic and all the other models, is their enhanced structural components. Skilled and highly experienced technicians, such as the ones here at PDRNY, are able to assess the damage to your vehicle and from the severity of the damage, are able to quickly determine the best method to employ to restore your vehicle to pristine condition. Not all dents are easily accessible, especially with the structural differences in luxury and classic cars. In some cases panels have to be removed to enable the technician to gain easy access to repair that unsightly dent.

Paint specifications for luxury and customized vehicles are also different from standard specifications. The higher-end paint finishes include metallic, pearlescent and “flip” colors. These paints consist of minuscule metallic flakes which give the paint finish its unique look. Depending on the light, the color could either sparkle (metallic), subtly change color (pearlescent) and even change color entirely (flip). Metal flake paint is even more specialized, being reserved for hot-rods and other modified cars, and for promotion vehicles. In the past, these paints could only be mixed and applied by artisans in their field and luxury car 10950549_1552958831638625_1758253723_nmanufacturers would charge a premium for this paint option. Some vehicles (notably motorcycles) may even have candy apple paint finishes. All these paint finishes give vehicles their characteristic luxury- or once-off look, but it has one major drawback – it highlights the smallest imperfection in the bodywork of the particular vehicle. In addition, any repair to the vehicle would be difficult because matching the colour and finish can be near impossible.
Previously, the only method used to repair even minor scratches to a vehicle, was to remove the panel and subject it to many hours of painstaking restoration with the hope that the end result would not be evident. Our methods and results ensure that no trace of the repair remains and our techniques guarantee that your vehicle will be restored to its original condition without resorting to body fillers and repainting. With Paint less Dent Repair (PDR), you no longer have to worry about old-fashioned methods which are costly, time consuming and often below standard.

We are industry certified to use the best method of PDR to guarantee your vehicle doesn’t lose any of its resale value.