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Many people consider Paintless Dent Repair/Removal (PDR) as a “new fad”, but it has been practised and refined since the […]


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Hail Damage Away on the Same Day Hail damage must be one of the most frequent insurance claims, not only […]


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Top Choice of Paintless Dent Removal Service Serving Bronx, Yonkers, Manhattan, Westchester and New York

When it comes to dent repair, most companies simply paint over damaged areas. While this technique helps to hide dents from the untrained eye, it fails to address the compromised structural integrity of the vehicle’s exterior body.

We provide only high quality Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) to all makes and models of vehicles, removing those unsightly and annoying dents. We have successfully repaired vehicles around Bronx, Yonkers, Manhattan, Westchester, New York and nearby areas. PDR is a way of removing dents from automobiles without disturbing the original paint finish. Our certified technicians use this repair method from minor dents and dings to major hail damage. This process allows for preservation of the original paint finish and decreased repair time, costs an insurance claims. Paintless dent removal is a popular choice for most car owners who want to fix dents without having the need of having a new paint job.

From its cost effective benefits to increased convenience, there’s no question as to why paintless dent removal has become quite a common practice. We at PDRNY, we understand that you want your vehicle to look great, and so do we. We pride ourselves with the fact that all of our clients leave happy having assisted by our PDR Nation Certified Technicians.

If you have any questions regarding this form of repair, our PDR experts is always ready to assist in any paintless dent removal needs on your vehicle, give us a call at (914) 403-6359 to book an appointment. Serving Bronx, Yonkers, Manhattan, Westchester and New York area.

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